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For Shits and Giggles

It never ceases to amaze us in the Automotive Industry, who actually turn fucking wrenches. I am convinced the engineers have ensured the most difficult way to remove or replace a component for a. Money/ Investment of designed vehicle; b. Increased Warranty Labor Time. ( can have warranty work completed at your preferred shop). Yes, we do benefit from repairs, but not without blood, sweat, and at times...tears. I am also convinced since vehicles are primarily built by robots that it is no longer considered that a human hand can not actually fit in the area of certain components. Room to work has definitely been reduced to a person of an elf stature or extremely small hands...even smaller than Whopper Jr. hands. We, the worker or technicians of the Automotive Industry, may be an extinct breed, past are the days you could sit in the engine compartment and work freely and with gratification the job was going to be successful without harm or injury, at times emotional distress.

Rowdy Jess

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