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Let our team demonstrate their expertise and commitment to you, our customer, by performing competent ongoing maintenance and repairs that will maintain your vehicle. We can maintain our customer's new vehicle and extended warranties. Thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act passed by Congress, the technicians at C.A.R.S. can fulfill your vehicle's mileage-interval maintenance needs and your warranty will stay in effect. We also specialize in older/ classic models and appreciate the privilege of providing care to our customers "pride and joy".



For your vehicle to operate efficiently and effectively, the mechanical condition of the engine must be correct. Top 5 signs of mechanical problems are: (1) warning light  (2) driving should be free of jerking, surging, or stalling (3) noises (4)  foul smells (5) smoke coming from front and/or back of vehicle.



The electrical system is compromised of several components including the battery, battery cables, alternator, starter, and computer system. Electrical problems can be challenging to diagnosis than mechanical problems. Top common 4 signs there is something amiss with your vehicle’s electrical system are: (1) vehicle will not start (2) battery corrosion (3) dashboard lights or headlights are dim at low speeds or idling (4) brake lights or radio is not working.



Vehicle diagnostics starts with a good visual inspection. We offer a basic inspection with our oil changes and vehicle repairs to reduce your vehicle's yearly maintenance costs. For a more thorough and comprehensive inspection, try our Gold Check Certified Inspection. We also are able to perform diagnostics with code readers up to more advanced scan tools related to on-board diagnostic systems.



Air conditioning that operates correctly is important to most customers, especially when hot temperatures are extreme. This system is generally very reliable, but it does present a problem, it usually results with the customer concern being poor cooling or no cooling. We offer maintenance and repair for both the R-134a and R-12 systems. 



Paying attention to the warning signs that indicate a need for service can mean the difference between life and death on the road. Top 5 obvious signs that your brakes need servicing are: (1) worn pads (2) strange sounds (3) pulling (4) vibrations (5) temperamental pedal.

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